Keep Disseminating and Robust: STS at Tsinghua University

Volume 15, Issue 2

EASTS first reported the decision to dissolve the STS Institute at Tsinghua University, China, in our issue that covered fresh scholarship about science in the Mao era (vol. 13, no. 3). Its editor’s note ran: “We believe that our current issue demonstrates the importance of history in doing East Asian STS; we also want to use this issue to support our colleagues at Tsinghua University. Just as with China studies, a clear disciplinary line cannot be drawn for STS. May they keep their research spirits high after their relocation, making this an opportunity for STS to be done well and to shine brightly.” Three years on, we believe this is a good time to review STS in China via Tsinghua University’s STS Institute and the changes made to relocate its faculty since dissolution. Our editor Wei Hong, also a member of the STS program at Tsinghua University, has kindly written a report for us. With it we wish our Chinese STS colleagues well, and may they remain as productive and innovative as ever.

EASTS Editorial Office

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