Launching the "Science and Civilization in Korea" Publishing Project (by Tae-Ho Kim)

Volume 11, Issue 2

Observing the rise of Asia and its increasing influence through science and technology, EASTS has been witness to both scholarly calls for a reappraisal of past achievements and the role of science in shaping the civilizations of this region. In addition to sizable case studies, EASTS has contributed a special issue guest edited by Yung Sik Kim on the theme of "Specialized Knowledge in Traditional East Asian Contexts" (4, no. 2), which addresses the evolving relationship between STS and the history of science and the emerging scholar. ship on them with a focus on East Asia. Following an engaging introduction to plans for publishing Professor Nakayama Shigeru's works (EASTS 11, no. 1), we are delighted to present the ambitious plans of our advisory editor, Dongwon Shin, and his colleagues Tae-Ho Kim and Manyong Moon, who aim to put Korea firmly on the intellectual map in the twenty-first century.
—EASTS Editorial Office

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