Ten-Year Partnership with Duke University Press Ends in 2020

Volume 14, Issue 4

After an unforgettable ten-year partnership, Duke University Press (DUP) will this year finish its publishing contract with EASTS’ sponsor, the Ministry of Science and Technology. Starting with volume 5, DUP became our publishing partner in 2011. Together we accomplished forty spectacular issues (5, no .1, through 14, no. 4) that transformed EASTS into a more interdisciplinary, transnational, and competitive journal. These efforts also resulted in our winning the Society for Social Studies of Science Infrastructure Prize in 2018. Utilizing its specialization in Asian and science studies, DUP assisted us with creating visibility in the academic world, notably inclusion by Clarivate Analytics in their Social Sciences Citation Index and Arts and Humanities Citation Index in 2018. DUP will now be followed in the partner role by Routledge, starting with volume 15.

On behalf of the editorial team and office staff, we want to express our deepest gratitude to Duke University Press for its professional and generous support over the past nine years, especially Journals Director Rob Dilworth and Marketing Manager Jocelyn Dawson.

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