Innovating East Asian
STS with Images

Based in Taiwan, East Asian Science Technology and Society: An International Journal (EASTS) is the first journal in English dedicated to studies in and for this area. It is the winner of the 2018 4S Infrastructure Award, as the prize committee mentioned, "scholarship published in EASTS brings new visibility to East Asian scholars and topics." Among the editorial efforts and designs to make East Asia visible by EASTS, the one that readers know immediately is its covers. It has designed distinctive covers for each issue since EASTS inception. Many of these covers are based on fantastic photos or artworks that represent the spirit of the issues as well as also often telling stories of their own. As an extension of STS Across Borders Exhibit, this year EASTS will present more covers and stories that reflect the change of STS in Asia and the world. It will also present posters for the EASTS talk series, one of a welcoming activities of STS in Taiwan, since 2015.

Cover Designer
Creative Team
Anne-Chie Wang
Chih-Wei Yeh
Chih-Yuan Yang
Po-Chia Tseng